Confidentiality and Data protection

Privacypolicy. In accordancewiththeprovisions of OrganicAct 15/1999, of 13 December, on Personal Data Protection, MINILAND, S.A. herebyinformsthe USER of theexistence of anautomated data file with personal data createdby and for MINILAND, S.A. and underitsresponsibility, withthepurpose of performingthemaintenance and management of therelationshipwithusers, as well as forprovidinginformation. Uponacceptance of theTerms and Conditionshereincontained, MINILAND, S.A. willrequirethe USER to providesomeessential data fortherendering of itsservices.

Files and forms record

Theregistrationformmust be completed in order to access and enjoysome of theservicesofferedonthe website. Bynotprovidingthe personal data requestedornotacceptingthis data protectionpolicy, the USER willnot be able to subscribe, registerortakepart in any of thepromotionsthatrequest personal data. In accordancewiththeprovisions in OrganicAct15/1999, of 13 December, onProtection of Personal Data, you are herebynotifiedthatany personal data obtained as a result of registration as a user, shall be added to a file ownedby MINILAND, S.A., whose VAT No. is A03197308 and businessaddressislocated at Calle La Patronal 8-10, 03430 Onil, Alicante, havingimplementedallthesecuritymeasuresestablished in Royal Decree 1720/2007, of 21 December.

Accuracy and truthfulness of data

The USER issolelyresponsiblefortheaccuracy and truthfulness of the data provided, exonerating MINILAND S.A. fromanyliability in thisregard. Usersguarantee and are responsible in all cases fortheadequacy, accuracy, validity and authenticity of the personal informationprovided, and undertake to keepitproperlyupdated. The USER agrees to provide full and accurateinformationwhencompletingtheregistrationorsubscriptionform. MINILAND, S.A. shallnot be heldresponsiblefortheaccuracy of anyinformationthatitdidnotcreate and forwhichitquotesanothersource, and neithershall MINILAND, S.A. be responsibleforthehypotheticaldamagesthatmay emerge fromthemisuse of saidinformation. MINILAND, S.A. reserves theright to update, modifyordeleteanyinformationcontainedonitswebsite, evenlimitingorrestrictingaccess to theinformationthereincontained.

MINILAND, S.A. isexemptfromanyliabilityforanydamagethatthe USER mayexperience as a result of errors, faultsoromissions in theinformationprovidedby MINILAND, S.A., whenit comes fromexternalsources.


Thesolepurpose of MINILAND, S.A. is to maintain and managetherelationshipwiththe USER, as well as provideinformation.


In theeventthatany of ourservices are specificallyintendedforminors, MINILAND, S.A. wouldrequesttheconsent of parentsortutorsforthecollection of personal data or, ifapplicable, fortheprocessing of their data.

Disclosure of data to a thirdparty

MINILAND, S.A. willnotdiscloseany personal data to thirdparties.

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